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Sea food croquettes with cucumber, mandarin fillet and flavored yogurt.
9,60 €
Ceviche of fresh scrimps in citrus fruit juice, avocado sticks, and chilly.
12,50 €
Prosciutto of Parma with melon flakes, rocket salad, balsamic and Parmesan.
11,60 €
Tartare of beef fillet, marinated in parsley’s oil and herbs, with chives, jalapeños and avocado cream.
14,40 €
Chimichangas with pork bites, corn, sour and sweet sauce and mint.
8,80 €
Vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilly sauce and mousse of Kefalonian “prentza”.
8,40 €
Grilled “haloumi” ( Cypriot semi-hard cheese ) with cashew nuts ecraser and tomato quenelle, flavored with vinaigrette of honey and herbs.
10,50 €
Cheese platter.
14,80 €
Cold meat and cheese platter.
13,80 €
Cod sticks with grilled celery root, beetroot puree, roasted almonds and white foam.
10,00 €
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